We are so pleased to launch our 2021 Cosplay Calendars!

We are currently accepting submissions for cosplay photos featuring books and/or reading!  Submissions are open from May 15 at 12pm EST until July 31st at 11:59PM EST.  After that, our judges will pick the most interesting, well-framed photos to be included in our 2021 calendars!  All chosen finalists will receive a free calendar.

On September 1, we will launch a Kickstarter that will allow everyone to buy a calendar.  Depending on the number of submissions, we may have more than one calendar!  After the Kickstarter, the calendars will be for sale at any conventions that we are able to attend.

All proceeds from the Kickstarter (minus shipping and creation fees) will be used by our organization to stay in business this fall.  Covid 19 has destroyed the convention season, and most likely will continue to impact our ability to attend events even into 2021.  All proceeds will be used to pay the Library’s bills so that we can come back strong in 2021.

Basic Submission Rules:

  1.  Fill out the SUBMISSION FORM.
  2.  Email the submission form and your photo entry to cosplaycalendars@gmail.com

Basic Submission Criteria:

  1. You may have five (5) submissions TOTAL for the contest.  You must submit the Submission Form for EACH ENTRY.
  2. Photos MUST be at least 1600×1200 pixels.
  3. Visually appealing image.  The prettier the better.  Don’t just take a selfie of yourself in the bathroom, think more about the overall image you will submit.  See below for examples of great photos.
  4. All submissions MUST feature books and/or reading.
    1. Please no magazines or newspapers.
  5. Submissions should be rated AT MOST PG-13.  No gravure shots will be accepted.  Costumes must cover as much as a regular bathing suit for men/women.
  6. There are no restrictions on costume choice (fanart, gender-bent, etc), but it MUST fit the theme of reading.  No original characters are allowed; all characters must be from an existing comic, manga, anime, webcomic, TV show, movie,book etc.

For the FULL rules and regulations, please see the Submission Form.

Cosplay Calendar Submission Form

These are examples of fantastic photos!